Beech F33A Weight and Balance Calculator

A weight and balance calculator for the Beech F33A, and the F33A with D'Shannon tip tanks. This calculator is for serial numbers CE-674 and later. Enter the data for your plane, and the total weight and CG limits are computed!
Items that are out of limits give an alert, so you can change the aircraft loading.
Values entered remain in memory until the clear button is pressed, so you don't have to reenter the aircraft weight and arm from flight to flight.

You can change the arms for seats 1-4 to give a more accurate loading CG. All possible cargo loading configurations are checked- if an invalid loading is entered, the aircraft weight and moment are not updated until a correct loading is entered.

As the CG shifts aft with fuel burn, if the proposed fuel burn is entered, the landing CG limits are computed. If you're out of CG for landing, a message is displayed.

A great preflight tool to quickly verify the accurate loading of your aircraft!!

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